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What is Gold Filled?

Gold filled is a tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic metal with a thick layer of gold that has been mechanically bonded to a base metal (typically jeweler's brass). Here at Ari Delgado's we proudly use 14k gold filled in all of our pieces. This allows us to offer amazing quality products at an affordable price when compared to pure gold jewelry. 

How do I clean my jewelry?

Clean with warm soapy water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Polish only when needed.

Can I wet gold filled jewelry? 

Yes, just make sure your soap, shampoo or cleaning supplies does not contain any harsh chemicals. I personally shower and clean with my jewelry all the time and they still look great! But if in doubt it's best to remove them. I would also recommend to avoid wearing them in ocean water or pools to give your pieces a longer life span.

What if I don't know my ring size?

You have a couple options:

1. Go to a local jewelry shop to get your finger sized

2. Purchase one of our ring sizers :)

How do I know what necklace length to get?

Below you will find a guide to necklace lengths.

Just keep in mind actual length will vary from person to person. So if you want a more accurate measurement, here's how to measure your neck.

Things you will need:


- Ribbon or string

- Ruler

Wrap the string around your neck to your desired length. Measure the string with your ruler.

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